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Resolution of Breech Presentation and Successful Vaginal Birth Following Administration of Webster’s Technique: A Case Study


Pamela Stone-McCoy DC BioMelissa Sell DC Bio,  Krystal Drwencke DC Bio 


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health - Chiropractic ~ Volume 2012 ~ Issue 1 ~ Pages 5-11 


Objective: The purpose of this case study is to report on the resolution of a breech presentation in an expectant mother following a course of subluxation-based chiropractic care and administration of the Webster Technique.


Clinical features: A 33-year old expectant mother presented 8 months pregnant with her second child.  There were no complications with her first pregnancy.  A breech presentation was noted by her midwife and vertebral subluxation and muscle spasm were observed upon chiropractic evaluation.


Intervention and Outcomes: The patient was managed utilizing Webster’s Technique and progress was monitored, specifically noting changes in the baby’s position as reported by the midwife between adjustments. The fetus was no longer breech after nine visits and the mother delivered a healthy baby.


Conclusion: This case describes the resolution of a breech presentation and a normal vaginal birth following the administration of Webster’s Technique. More research is needed to determine the nature of outcomes related to the utilization of this technique.


Key words: chiropractic care, vertebral subluxation, breech presentation, Webster’s Technique

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