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Volume 2010


Fall 2010 Issue

Chiropractic Care of a Pediatric Patient Suffering from Recurrent Otitis Media and Respiratory Syncytial Virus: a Retrospective Case Report

Francesca Marino BS, DC Bio  & Awais Butt DC Bio


Research, Scholarship & the Future of the Chiropractic Profession

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH Bio

Improvement in Cystic Fibrosis in a Child Undergoing Subluxation-Based Chiropractic Care:  A Case Study 

Craig Warhurst, D.C. Bio Ryan Warhurst, D.C. Bio Aryn Gabai, D.C. Bio 

On Purpose Review 


The Flu: Special Report
Matthew McCoy D.C., MPH Bio


Advertising, Evidence & Expertise in the Care of Pediatric Patients

Charles Blum, D.C. Bio

On Purpose Review 


Resolution of Childhood Nocturnal Enuresis Following Subluxation-Based Chiropractic Care:  A Retrospective Case Report 

Adam Rodnick, D.C. Bio & Paul Rodnick, D.C. Bio


Resolution of Neurological Tics and Reduction in Vertebral Subluxation in a Pediatric Patient Undergoing Chiropractic Care:  A Case Report

Matthew W. McReynolds, D.C. Bio


Resolution of Vertigo, Migraines and Neck Pain in a 12 Year Old Boy Receiving Chiropractic Care -  A Case Study 

David D. Kelly, BSc Chiro, BSc Bio & Kelly Holt, BSc (Chiro), PGDipHSc Bio  


Resolution of Nocturnal Enuresis and Vertebral Subluxation in a Pediatric Patient Undergoing Chiropractic Care:  A Case Report & Review of the Literature

Joel Alcantara, BSc, D.C. Bio and John E. Weisberg, D.C., FICPA Bio


Improvement in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in a Patient Undergoing Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care:  A Case Report

Kim B. Khauv, D.C. Bio and Marshall Dickholtz, Sr., D.C., FICPA Bio

Summer 2010 Issue
Spring 2010 Issue

The Existence and Clinical Meaningfulness of Vertebral Subluxations

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH Bio


Abstracts of Invited Papers Presented at the 2010 SORSI Mid-Year Research and Education Symposium. April 23-25, 2010. Chicago, Illinois

Multiple Authors


Resolution of Chronic Constipation and Neck Pain Following Chiropractic Care in a 6-Year-Old Female
Matthew Horkey, BS, D.C. Bio


Improvement in Multiple Sclerosis and GERD in a Female with Vertebral Subluxations Undergoing Chiropractic Care: A Case Study 
Ben Lerner, D.C. Bio Sheri Lerner, D.C. Bio


Improvement in a Pediatric Patient with Craniosynostosis Undergoing Chiropractic Care
Joel Alcantara, BSc, D.C. Bio & Julie Doucet, D.C. Bio


Improvement in a Child with Scoliosis, Migraines, Attention Deficit Disorder and Vertebral Subluxations Utilizing the Pierce Chiropractic Technique
Eric Jaszewski, D.C. Bio Antonietta Sorbara, D.C. Bio


Winter 2010 Issue


A Critical Appraisal of the Systematic Review on Adverse Events Associated With Pediatric Spinal Manipulative Therapy: A Chiropractic Perspective
Joel Alcantara, BSc, DC Bio


Resolution of Breech Presentation Using an Activator Adjusting Instrument to Administer Webster’s Technique in Three Women Undergoing Chiropractic Care.
Drew Rubin, BS, DC, CCSP, DACCP Bio


Resolution of Breech Presentation Confirmed by Ultrasound Following the Introduction of Webster Technique: A Case Study & Selective Review of the Literature

Pamela Stone-McCoy, D.C., CACCP Bio  Margaret Sliwka, D.C. Bio


Cobb’s Angle in Scoliosis – Gold Standard or Golden Calf?

A Commentary on Scoliosis Outcome Assessments

Mark Morningstar, D.C. Bio  Clayton Stitzel, D.C. Bio 

Resolution of Colic, Constipation and Sleep Disturbance in an Infant Following Chiropractic Care to Reduce Vertebral Subluxation

Sean Batte MS, DC Bio